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Use Your Slow Cooker To Make Beverages - Something extraordinary on your usual beverages will spice up the lineup of dishes. A twist of sweetness or alcohol will make a great difference. A milk shake with vanilla ice cream topping will beat every plain chocolate cake any day when it comes to taste and presentation. That is why mothers have included recipes for beverages in their recipe book. It can compensate for any tedious dish.

Usually, blenders are the protagonists when it comes to making beverages. But did you know that you can make beverages out of slow cooker? Weird, isn’t it?

Use Your Slow Cooker To Make Beverages

This is true. The kitchen regulars have found a way to use the slow cooker to make beverages. It is because some beverages need heating that slow cooker can provide. They need the heat because they have solid main ingredients that will give a large impact to the taste and that should be bit-by-bit dissolved to blend in with the beverage.

A great example for this is spiced beverages. They are full of spices that have particles which cannot be fully reached by the blender. That is why the households have resorted to slow cooking to be able to maximize the spices. A low temperature heating and the long period of cooking could liquefy even the tiniest of particles in a pinch of spice.

Apple ciders are probably a known beverage wherein a slow cooker can be utilized. This unsweetened, purely apple, non-alcoholic drink is good for casual gatherings when there should be a substitute for tea. A sip of apple cider will satisfy those tea-craving tongues. Just throw in the ingredients in the slow cooker, wait for 4 hours and there you have your warm apple cider.

You can also make punches with the slow cooker. Of course, do not put the alcoholic ingredient yet as it is going to corrupt the flavor exchange happening in the slow cooking. Just cook the ingredients first and then add the alcoholic ingredients before serving.

And why have I not mentioned about natural hot chocolate? The mouthwatering sweet beverage can be made in a slow cooker. You can use cocoa powder for it. Every solid bit of the cocoa powder will be melted by the slow cooker’s low temperature heat and long cooking, giving the best chocolate taste ever. Serve with marshmallows and/or bread and you will double the hot chocolate experience.

Still, there are lots of beverage recipes out there that you can make with a slow cooker. Experiment and experiment, try different kinds of matching ingredients until all the formulas collide. You can come up with your own slow-cooked beverage!

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