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6 Special Indonesian Food Menu You Can Enjoy at Overseas Restaurants - Indonesia is already known to be rich in various culinary flavors. In addition, the availability and the use of delicious spices are able to distinguish the taste of Indonesian food with culinary from other countries. Not surprisingly, many people consider Indonesian food very tasty and second to none.

Evidently, the delicacy of original Indonesian culinary turned out to be not only liked by the Indonesian people, but has also gone abroad. Indonesian special food has been found and sold in foreign countries. Even many foreign tourists who feel in love with Indonesian cuisine.

The following summarizes some of the stories of Indonesian food that are successful worldwide, including:

1. Tempe Shop in England

6 Special Indonesian Food Menu You Can Enjoy at Overseas Restaurants

Processed soy from Indonesia on this one in fact has become excellent in the country of people. William Mitchell, a British citizen, for example, began his visit to Indonesia in 1995, William fell in love with the taste of tempeh. He finally decided to learn to make tempeh from several producers in Java.

William learned to make tempeh for several months to produce high quality tempe. His love for the culinary specialties of Indonesia is finally poured in the form of a tempe stall business that he is selling in the UK. The response was very good, even those who tried this tempe became regular customers of William's tempe stall.

2. Penyet Chicken Restaurant in Singapore

6 Special Indonesian Food Menu You Can Enjoy at Overseas Restaurants

If you visit Singapore often, you must be familiar with the Presidential Chicken Penyet. This original Indonesian culinary has also become the target of consumers who have fallen in love with Indonesian special flavors.

Bahar Riand Passa, the restaurant owner claimed to hold the key to food by continuing to use ingredients from Indonesia. Such as Terasi and Petis which are important ingredients for the enjoyment of Indonesian-style Bahar cuisine. Bahar wants to present a delicious local flavor and authentic Indonesian. Now, the Presidential Penyet Chicken has opened three branches in Singapore. Consumers who visit can even reach up to 600 people every day.

3. Fried Rice and Chicken Satay Restautant in Japan

6 Special Indonesian Food Menu You Can Enjoy at Overseas Restaurants

The fried rice and chicken satay have found a place in the land of sakura. In Beppu, a city on the island of Kyushu stands a restaurant founded by Hery, an Indonesian citizen, an alumni of the University of APU who has successfully opened an Indonesian culinary business in Japan.

Hery who saw this business opportunity finally opened a restaurant with an Indonesian concept and menu. From the fried rice menu, chicken satay to various Indonesian crackers are also served here. The shop, named 'Hot Mango', even brought in original chefs from Indonesia. Hery also uses Indonesian cooking spices to maintain the delicacy and local flavor of Indonesia.

4. Bakso (Meatballs), Lodeh and Gule Restaurant in Germany

6 Special Indonesian Food Menu You Can Enjoy at Overseas Restaurants

In Germany there is one restaurant that serves Indonesian cuisine too, the Hamburg Taste Restaurant. This restaurant is an Indonesian restaurant that was established 20 years ago. This restaurant serves a variety of archipelago menus ranging from gule, lodeh, meatballs, gado-gado, to ice tellers.

And the great chef who cooks all Indonesian food is apparently not native Indonesians, but Turkish people who have worked for 4 years in this restaurant. Most of the working servants are not from Indonesia, but they are able to speak Indonesian when serving customers. The taste of Indonesia served must be studied carefully by this Turkish chef before finally succeeding in working at the restaurant.

5. Pempek Palembang in Export to Malaysia and Singapore

6 Special Indonesian Food Menu You Can Enjoy at Overseas Restaurants

The National Standardization Agency for Indonesia (BSN), through the KLT of the Palembang region, facilitated the application of standards, regulations, testing and certification. This is not work alone, the results of joint work with the Maritime and Fisheries Service of South Sumatra Province, Fish Quarantine Station Quality Control and Safety of Palembang Fisheries Products, BPOM Palembang, South Sumatra LPPOM MUI, LSPro BBP2HP Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, and the Palembang City Creative Economy Committee . At present BSN assisted SMEs have already started exporting pempek and crackers to Malaysia and Singapore.

In Indonesia, there is also a famous Pempek restaurant with its pempek delicacy, which is 'Pempek Megaria'. Pempek Megaria's fame has even reached overseas. Many travelers from Greece, Belgium Ireland, Australia and other countries order Palembang Pempek specifically as souvenirs. One regular customer of Pempek Megaria from the Netherlands claimed to buy a large amount to be resold in the country of the windmill.

6. Gado-gado, Siomay and Ketoprak Restaurant in Sydney

6 Special Indonesian Food Menu You Can Enjoy at Overseas Restaurants

Gado-gado, siomay and ketoprak are now not only popular in Indonesia, but also have become a food that is sought after in the Australian continent. Indonesian restaurants that open on the continent serve Gado-gado, Siomay and Ketoprak, where the owners claim to get customers not only from Indonesians who migrate, but also from Australians who really like the taste of Indonesia.

Gado-gado became famous in Sydney. One of the connoisseurs is Roger Montgomery, a successful businessman in Sydney Australia who is a regular customer of a typical Indonesian restaurant established by the Indonesian couple Mr. and Mrs. Willis. All menus that are mixed with fresh herbs from Indonesia have indeed become a strong local flavor appeal. This restaurant has even become an invasion of Australians who are already well-suited to Indonesian cuisine.

What do you think, are you interested and have an idea to open a restaurant business by serving these menus? In addition to being a business, this restaurant business also helps introduce and preserve Indonesian specialties to the world.
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